SEO & Analytics

I took my Google Analytics over the summer, so going into this class I already had a pretty good idea of how to read the stats and analytics on my site. I also worked as a communications specialist for a non profit where I did some SEO work, so I have a grasp on that as well.

When I first started my blog, I wasn’t too worried about SEO because I was just starting to decide who I wanted to target with my posts. Once I’ve hidden al my course related content I’ll probably shift my blog to reflect my target audience: musical theatre fans. I’ve already begun to shift the way I think about SEO for this blog by installing the Yoast SEO extension and considering whether or not the titles of my Musical Theatre related blog posts were SEO friendly. 

The one thing I always want to make sure I’m doing is making sure that my content itself and my voice as a writer don’t shift entirely in hopes of climbing the Google search ladder. While certain words are more SEO friendly than others, when I’m writing my content I want the text in my posts to reflect my blog’s voice rather than a list of keywords. Your blog is a representation of yourself, your interests and your online presence. In my opinion, that is not something worth sacrificing for the potential of a few more page views.

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