A response to Peer Review 1

Kikyo Chan reviewed my blog for our first peer review here. I found Kikyo’s feedback very insightful, and I’m excited to implement her suggestions into my blog. One thing that she mentioned that stuck out to me was to use more visual elements both on my blog as a whole and within my posts. I completely agree that incorporating visuals is important in an attractive blog in order to keep readers interested. As a performer in musical theatre your job is to keep your audience engaged. As blogger, your posts are how you maintain your audience. That audience is likely keen to see more than just a wall of text. Multimedia posts are awesome for that.

I really appreciate that Kikyo mentioned how one of my posts got her to click through to a video I linked on my favourite musical. It’s good to know what is working and even more exciting is the prospect of converting more people into musical theatre fans!

I also liked how Kikyo left suggestions for future blog posts. A history of the industry wasn’t something I’d thought to do yet and it leaves opportunity for me to do some of my own research as well. Thank you for the kind review!

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